CEI 2007
Personal/Contemporary Themes through Sculpture and Digital Installation

Class Member Projects

Berel Lutsky's WIKI

USE COURAGE AND HUMOR (my reminder link!)


Some Themes you might explore could be:

Some Methods you might considering using to express your theme might be:

Your Goals are to:

Your Delicate Balance of a Challenge:
Have Fun, Take Chances, Explore but Get Something Done by Friday

What is Feasible to accomplish in one week?

Previous CEI Examples from Human Culture and the Natural World: Digital Explorations (2002, 2003)

A few of my Pieces

How can I get to where I want to be in one week?

Student Work Examples to Show Process

My Ice-Fishing House Mini-Golf Hole (Walker Art Center, Summer 2004)

Software Learning

Contemporary Artworks from Minnesota


Paul Shambroom

FlashBelt conference

Contemporary Art Examples

Meret Oppenheim Fur-Lined Teacup
Fred Wilson Mining the Museum
Nam Jun Paik
Mathew Barney
Jeff Wall

Barbara Kruger
Mike Kelley
Tony Oursler
Zoe Leonard
Edward Muybridge
Scaled Image